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Advanced ASTRAL PROJECTION Binaural Meditation Music for Out of Body Experience and Astral Travel

Advanced ASTRAL PROJECTION Binaural Meditation Music for Out of Body Experience and Astral Travel

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Greetings and Welcome to this Advanced ASTRAL PROJECTION Meditation Music from M.a.R.S (Meditation and Relaxation Station)

Are you somebody that’s just interested in the “Idea” of Astral Travel?
Are you somebody that’s ready to encounter a genuine Out Of Body Experience into the Astral Plane?

Either way, You’re in the right place!

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Astral Projection (or Astral Travel) is an Out Of Body Experience (OOBE) achieved either awake, via Lucid Dreaming, or Deep Meditation. People who say they experience Astral Projection often say that their spirit or astral body has left their physical body and moves in another dimension known as the spirit world or Astral Plane.
The concept of Astral Projection has been around and practiced for thousands of years, dating back to ancient China. It is currently often associated with the New Age movement.

When you astral project you are consciously aware of things you encounter while outside of your physical body.
Some people can astral project naturally. While others are too afraid to properly remove their consciousness from the physical body and never learn to astral project.

It’s really a matter of choice, and if you’re seriously looking for a “Genuine” method to help induce a Real state of Astral Projection for yourself, then connect your headphones and listen Now.

How To ASTRAL PROJECT With This Meditation Music?

• Make sure the room you’re in is comfortably warm.

• Wear loose fitting, warm clothing.

• Sit or lay down in a comfortable position with you back straight.

• Connect your headphones and begin the recording.

• Close your eyes and begin to breathe slowly and deeply.

The Specially Layered Binaural Beats Used In This Powerful Meditation Music Will Activally Guide Your Mind To The Perfect State For Astral Travel…..

But As You Listen…..

• Focus on the soothing sound of sea waves as they gently lap at the shore.

• Allow Your Mind To Become Clear Of All Conscious Thought.

• Allow Yourself To Disconnect From Your Consciousness By Simply “Letting Go”,
As If You Were Going To Sleep.

• Allow The Music To Guide And Lift Your Astral Body To The Astral Plane.

What you do whilst you’re there is up to you!
There are many books and blogs online to help you gain a better understanding of what it’s like on “The Other Side”,
but what you have here is a genuine tool to help you get there should you decide to do so.

Listen Now!

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