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Astral Projection Subliminal | Become a Master Projector (Muliple Voices)

Astral Projection Subliminal | Become a Master Projector (Muliple Voices)

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Hope you enjoyed


My request list at the moment:
1. Be high (binaural beats/isochronic tone) by Swagson Smith
2. Master Memory (Subliminal) by by Justin
3. Master Video Game Player (Subliminal) by BrainBookTV
4. Multiverse Travelling (Subliminal) by Blackeroni

Affirmations used in the video:
I have mastered everything to do with astral projection
You can always do anything you want when astral travelling
I can go to the astral realm at will
You can easily percieve all planes of consciousness
Your astral powers are growing stronger every second
you can manipulate things in the astral world with ease
you are a master at astral projection
you can do anything you want in the astral realm
You always astral project safely
Your astral vision is growing stronger every day
You always have control when in the planes of consciousness
Your spiritual awareness is increasing tremendously
You can easily seperate your consciousness from your body
I can easily generate, mapulate, and control astral energy.

Use this video cautiously, I am not responsible for anything that happends to you or that you do. (So I don’t have feds knocking on my door)

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