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BEACH ❄ Sounds of Nature ❄ For Meditation & Astral Projection ❄ Theta Brain Waves 7hz ☯ 141

BEACH ❄ Sounds of Nature ❄ For Meditation & Astral Projection ❄ Theta Brain Waves 7hz ☯ 141

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* Theta Brain Waves: State of mind super-consciousness, greater clarity in astral projections. Indicated for those wanting to experience very realistic experience out of body…


What is astral projection?

Astral projection is an altered state of consciousness where you can experience lucid dreams. Astral projection takes place every night when we sleep, are our dreams which occur not lucidly. For thousands of years human beings of different cultures were able to perform astral projection lucidly. Astral projection is also known as astral travel and projection of consciousness. When we sleep the soul leaves the body and is free to go anywhere in the universe. The projection may or may not be 100% lucid. Everything will depend on the vibration level which you find yourself. In astral travel you can see all things: angels, demons, aliens, other living humans or not, people who have died, oracles, spiritual mentors, animals projected and so on… In short: You will be able to see everything that happens around you as human life and also as spiritual life… But everything will go according to your vibration state. For example: If you are in a positive state, then you probably find positive beings, angelic beings, mentors, light beings and so on… You can also penetrate in higher worlds too … But if you have a negative vibration, you probably find demons and obsessors in your astral projections… You will visit hells and so on… So it is very important you energize yourself before projecting astrally. Some people are born with this gift, but others have difficulties to perform astral projection … Over the years several techniques have been developed to help people who do not have this gift. The techniques include: Activation of the chacras, meditation, mantras, food and so on…

In this channel I’ll show you audio techniques to activate chacras (exercises) and some frequencies of brain waves appropriate to experience the desired location in your astral projections.

If you are a beginner, I advise you to practice the activation of the chacras in the exercises… But if you are an experienced practitioner, I advise you to listen the appropriate songs to where you want to visit.

This channel is also dedicated to people who want to have a good night’s sleep and people suffering from insomnia.


Astral Projection Music —- Helping you with lucid dream. Good travel !


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