Boost Your Self-Confidence With Meditation & Visualization

Do you lack confidence? Then the chances are you want to do something about it, and for good reason too, as self-confidence is one of those traits that affects every aspect of life. Confident people are more highly valued in the workplace, as friends and as romantic partners. And just as importantly, being confident will help you feel generally happier and better about yourself – confident people have higher self-esteem, and are less plagued by self-doubt and other anxieties.

But how do you become more confident?

While some lucky people seem to be naturally full of confidence, most of us have to work at it. It’s more common to feel confident about those areas of your life where you excel, and few people feel good about every aspect of themselves. But with a little practice, you can learn to boost your confidence in all areas.

However, it’s important not to confuse confidence with arrogance – arrogant people are usually among the most insecure, and are overcompensating. Arrogance is alienating to others, and doesn’t really help you feel happy with yourself, so don’t make the mistake of trying to act cocky to cover up your lack of confidence.

What you want is to develop genuine confidence, not put on an act. This can be achieved through changing your self-image and the messages you give to yourself on a daily basis – you basically need to reprogram your mind. And among the most effective ways to do this are meditation and visualization.

Meditation & Visualization – The Keys To Building Confidence

Meditation involves setting some time aside each day to go within, and quiet the mind. There are many different ways to meditate, such as focusing on your breath, or a candle flame, or a mantra. With practice all methods lead to a similar result – the chatter of your conscious mind will reduce (or stop completely), and you’ll more easily be able to access your subconscious, with its store of wisdom and insights.

This greater access to the subconscious that meditation provides has another advantage too – it allows you to implant new beliefs and ways of thinking. This is the perfect opportunity to start reprogramming your mind with a new self-image: that of a confident person. And one of the best ways to do this is with creative visualization.

Visualization basically involves seeing yourself as you want to be. You can create ‘mental movies’, picturing yourself acting confidently and assertively, and feeling good in social situations. People visualize in different ways – you might see visual images, or hear yourself speaking in a certain way, or feel certain emotions or physical sensations. Ideally it’s best to incorporate as many of these modalities as you can, to make your imagined scene as vivid and real as possible.

While you can visualize at any time, combining visualization with meditation is a good idea, since your mind will be more receptive to your visualization when it’s in a deeply relaxed state. With regular (preferably daily) practice of your ‘confidence meditation/visualization’, you’ll find that your beliefs about yourself begin to change: negative self-talk diminishes and you start to feel and act more confidently in your daily life. Eventually you realize that you’ve become a confident person!

Do Meditation And Visualization Always Work?

This method is extremely effective, not only for developing more confidence, but for creating just about any other kind of life change you desire. There’s a problem however: many people simply can’t meditate easily. Meaning that they can’t quiet their mind enough to really relax – instead, their conscious minds keep intruding, jumping around from thought to thought. This isn’t surprising really, since in western culture we’re never taught about the importance of controlling the mind, and as a result most of us have very undisciplined thoughts.

I know how frustrating this can be from personal experience, but have happily found a solution, in the form of brainwave entrainment (also known as brainwave synchronization).

What Is Brainwave Entrainment?

Simply put, brainwave synchronization involves exposing the brain to rhythmic stimuli of certain frequencies, such as sound or light pulses. Thanks to a natural phenomenon known as the ‘frequency following response’, the brain will then tend to match or ‘entrain’ to these frequencies. Different mental states are associated with specific frequencies – for example, the theta brainwave band (4 – 8 Hz) is linked with deep meditation. Brain wave entrainment is an efficient way to access the state of consciousness you desire, without having to spend years learning to master challenging mind control techniques.

There are three main sound-based brainwave entrainment technologies: binaural beats, monaural beats and isochronic tones. These work differently, but all can effectively entrain your brainwaves to the desired frequency range. However, many people find that isochronic tones are somewhat more effective than the other methods, as they tend to produce more rapid synchronization, and unlike binaurals, they don’t require the use of headphones. [Learn more about brainwave entrainment, binaural beats, monaural beats and isochronic tones]

Using Brainwave Entrainment To Improve Your Confidence Meditation Sessions

If you have trouble with maintaining a meditative state and visualising effectively, brainwave synchronisation may be of great help. By using a recording with the appropriate frequencies (taking you into the alpha and theta brainwave ranges), it becomes easier to quiet the mind and enter the kind of deeply relaxed mindset that is necessary for effective reprogramming.

To use the power of brainwave entrainment for boosting your confidence, it’s important to use a high quality recording that you enjoy listening to. I personally really like these meditation recordings, and use them often. That site does also do some recording specifically for building confidence, although I haven’t tried those out myself. All tracks are available in monaural, binaural and isochronic formats, and are also fully guaranteed. Plus they also offer free samples to download, so you can see what they’re like.

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