How To Boost Your Energy – Brainwave Entrainment & Meditation Can Help

Are you tired of feeling tired, and feeling desperate to boost your energy levels? Then read on for more information about how you can feel better fast – naturally!

Simple Ways To Increase Your Energy

First of all, let’s take a look at some of the easiest ways to quickly feel more energetic:

Breathe deeply – are you a shallow breather? Many people are, without realizing it. If you only breathe from the chest, chances are you’re not getting enough oxygen, especially if you spend most of the day indoors. This can lead to lower energy levels. So make an effort to breathe fully, from your diaphragm, and preferably get some fresh air while you’re at it.

Cut out the junk food – poor diet is another very common cause of low energy levels. It’s become common to live on processed junk foods, which are chock full of sugar and additives, but lacking in nutritional value. So to feel more energetic, make an effort to include more natural whole foods in your diet, and cut out the rubbish.

Take a look at your vices – do you smoke? Drink a lot of alcohol? Drink tea and coffee several times a day? All of these factors can sap your energy too, especially caffeine, which is perhaps especially damaging since the ‘buzz’ it creates gives the false impression that it actually creates more energy. In fact, the reverse is true – the more coffee you drink, the worse you’ll feel over the long run. So stop smoking, drink moderately if you can’t/won’t stop altogether, and find a healthier substitute for all that coffee (such as water or herbal tea).

Exercise – the couch potato’s life is a sluggish one, and it can be a vicious cycle, since the longer you’re inactive, the more lethargic you tend to feel. Make an effort to take some exercise however, and your energy levels will soar. Anything that gets your heart rate up will help, but for maximum benefits do some weight training too.

Get enough sleep – most people need around 8 hours sleep a day to feel truly rested and refreshed, and some need even more. Unfortunately many don’t get the sleep they need, thanks to the busy work schedules and other commitments that so many of us have. But sleep is a must if you want to feel fully energized during the day.

What If These Tips Aren’t Enough?

Put the above suggestions into practice, and you’ll almost certainly feel better. However, it’s possible to live healthily and still not feel like your energy levels are up to par. And sometimes it can be difficult to sleep well when there are external factors getting in the way. Most people know the frustration of desperately wanting to take a nap during the day, but being unable to due to the pressures of work or family.

Fortunately, brainwave entrainment may be able to help, by providing an easy and efficient way to access your body’s natural restorative mechanisms while you’re awake, even if you’re not sleeping as well as you’d like.

What Is Brainwave Entrainment?

In case you’re not already familiar with it, brain wave entrainment involves exposing the brain to stimuli of particular frequencies, such as pulses of sound or light. The brain has a natural tendency to match or ‘entrain’ to these frequencies.

What’s the use of this? Well, different states of consciousness are associated with specific frequency ranges – for example, the theta brainwave band (4 – 8 Hz) is linked with deep trance states, whereas the alpha range (8 – 12 Hz) predominates during light relaxation. Brainwave synchronization (another term for brainwave entrainment) provides an efficient way to get your brain producing brainwaves of the desired frequency range. This way you can access different states of consciousness relatively easily, without having to spend years learning challenging mind control techniques.

Sound recordings are the easiest and most economical brain entrainment method. There are three main types: binaural beats, monaural beats and isochronic tones. These work in slightly different ways, but all are effective, and involve listening to a recording which includes sounds of certain frequencies (determined by the state you want to achieve). [Learn more about brainwave entrainment, binaural beats, monaural beats and isochronic tones]

Using Brainwave Synchronisation To Raise Your Energy Levels

So, how can brainwave entrainment help you to boost your energy? When you go to sleep, you cycle between REM (dreaming) sleep and deep (non-dreaming) sleep. It is in the deep sleep phase that the body restores itself and replenishes its energy in preparation for the next day’s activities.

Deep sleep is associated with the production of delta brainwaves (< 4Hz). By using a brainwave entrainment recording that stimulates the production of delta waves while in the waking state, you can gain some of the benefits of deep sleep – without having to actually go to sleep! In practice, people have found that after listening to a properly constructed delta brainwave recording, they felt more energized afterwards. The effect is somewhat like taking a nap, except less time is required, and you don’t get that groggy feeling that often occurs when you sleep during the day.

So using brainwave synchronisation can help you to feel more energetic – great news for anyone who is temporarily having trouble sleeping as much as they need, or anyone who feels the need of a boost for any reason. And unlike caffeine pills and all the other ‘energy boosting’ quick fixes you can get, brainwave entrainment is totally natural! [Those who are struggling with chronic insomnia might want to read more about brainwave entrainment for sleep problems]

Which Type of Brainwave Recording Is Best?

Should you choose binaural, monaural or isochronic recordings? As mentioned, all three of these methods are effective. Many people prefer isochronic tones, since they seem to entrain the brain somewhat more quickly and easily than the other methods. However, others have found that the rather ‘jagged’ sound of the isochronic pulses can be distracting or annoying at very low frequencies, such as those used in delta brainwave entrainment. Monaural beats can also have the same problem. As a result, many prefer to use binaural beats for delta work.

My advice is to try all three, and see which you prefer personally. But if you only use one method, binaurals might be the best choice for this particular purpose.

Whichever method you choose, it’s vital to use only high quality recordings that are designed for the purpose. I recommend visiting The Meditation Club, which offers a selection of brainwave synchronisation recordings that are formulated to raise your energy by taking you into the delta state. This is a very popular site, and their products are fully guaranteed – and you can even download some samples for free.

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